The Journey To My Dream; Visa Application
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The Journey To My Dream; Visa Application

Right now am sitting at the reception of the visa application center, UK TLS contact. Am waiting to do BRP, that is the biometrics, in simpler words they will be taking my finger prints, which is the final stage of the visa application. Yesterday I spent the better part of my afternoon doing the application online. I didn’t do it alone, thank God I had help from a friend who is conversant with the computers and online staff, otherwise it would have been a disaster me doing it alone. 

You remember I had my TB x-ray done in June, and now we are mid August so it has taken a little bit of time to this stage. Since there are many of us going to the same NHS, my recruiter after sending her all the documents required, informed me that it will take a bit of time since they had to clear those who had applied earlier on first. I was only waiting for my certificate of sponsorship( cos) which is a crucial document in the visa application. Months passed, okay let me not be so dramatic, July was passing by and still no word.

On 27th July, I got an email, saying that I should apply for another police clearance certificate, noooo!!! That certificate takes about one month to be ready, that will surely delay my whole process. I got stressed for real, but I hyped myself up and decided to go to my cyber guy and apply the certificate. It got worse, the e-citizen had been hacked by the Ugandans!! Oh my goodness, apparently our country was in an online war with Uganda and the Ugandans were winning because they had managed to hack e citizen, mpesa, kplc, mobile banking and other companies. Now my stress was upto to a 100! So I went home to wait for the systems to be back up.

 It took almost a week before I could manage to go and  apply. I don’t want to say much but in Kenya, to get a government document, especially if you need it urgently, you need to know people, and you have to part with some money. Being a Kenyan, I had to follow protocols of the streets and good on their word, I got my certificate after seven working days.

I sent the certificate to my employer, and after 2 days I finally got my certificate of sponsorship ( cos). So yesterday the day after receiving the cos I applied for the visa, and booked for the biometrics appointment today. 

Am next, actually a’ve been called in….

The process was swift, I went in, the lady in attendance asked for my checklist and passport, asked few questions, she saw that I had already uploaded all the required documents. After handing me the documents to take to the next stage and some for me to carry home, I went to the other room and my fingerprints were taken. 

Only thing left now is to wait for the visa to be ready and they will send me an email 

God, it is on your hands now.

Thank you for going on this journey with me. I got the visa after 15 working days, NCK came through with my air ticket, and now am in Nairobi parking my bags. See you soon London!


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