The Journey To My Dream; TB Test
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The Journey To My Dream; TB Test

Once again I was on the train, heading to Nairobi. This time for a different test from the exams, an x-ray test, to check if I have tuberculosis. If my chest is normal I get the certificate which now I can use to apply for visa. If it’s abnormal and it’s concluded I have TB, then I will start on treatment for 6 months before I can do the x-ray again. That would be an unfortunate delay, but I have faith that it will be fine. 

 So this time on the train, I switched my phone off so I could save up battery so as to use the phone  in the morning; I was going to need it with enough charge to navigate Nairobi city. My seat was between a group of a large family that was really loud, I don’t know why when large groups travel together make a lot of noise, cause it was evident that everyone else in the cabin didn’t appreciate the loud noises. Luckily the train was not full so I went and sat somewhere at the far end of the cabin that had an empty chair. After finishing my fries, I slept, I only woke up from time to time to change position and once to visit the washroom. Within no time it was 3.30am and we were in Nairobi terminus.

I took the old train to the CBD, it takes over an hour so I was there by 4.20am. I switched on my phone and ordered a bolt to IOM the TB screen centre. It’s in gigiri United Cresent Nairobi, Limuru road. 

5am I was at the gates, I only found one other guy there in waiting and he told me the gates will only be opened at 6am, what!! then why did I arrive here so early? The cold was cutting through my body like sharp knives. As minutes went by, more and more people joined us and we huddled under the dark and the extreme cold.

We froze up to 6.15 when the soldiers opened the gates and told us to line up how we came in. I was second in line, they checked our papers, entering the gates, then check our temperatures, and passports before going in, a face mask had to be in place.  

My registration was fast, the process went smoothly, sooner or later after counselling, my x-ray was done. Waiting for the certificate was what took a bit of time but their process is very efficient, they actually have a TAT for each process. I was out of there with my certificate by 9.30am, took a bolt to Zimmerman to be with my fam. 

Next is visa application!

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