The Journey To My Dream; Patiently Waiting With Hope
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The Journey To My Dream; Patiently Waiting With Hope

After my CBT exam, the next step was to apply for jobs in the UK. I was sent application links by my friend who is already in the UK, I joined recruitment agencies like indeed, trac, nursing jobs, Athena and many others. I sent over 1000 emails and filled hundreds and hundreds of forms. You know what, I was not getting any feedback, and if there was, it was “sorry we couldn’t pick you this time but keep applying”. Hectic, I cannot explain the frustrating situation even if I tried. 

I finally gave up applying for myself and I was given contacts of two people who helped nurses with the application process. First it was a guy, he needed 15 thousand shillings to start with the process. I sent him and all my documents and waited to hear from him. Weeks passed one after the other and I was becoming desperate, I started losing hope. “It takes time be patient” he would tell me each time I asked, we applied for like three trusts but none gave us the feedback we needed. Eventually mid march I lost trust completely and gave up on him, asked him for the money back so I could try with another agent. He also knew that he had tried his best and was gracious enough that he refunded it all.

I then contacted the other agent, a lady, and immediately I talked to her a feeling of hope filled me. She is already working there as a nurse so she knows all  concerns about the process, she was confident that she would help me get an interview and my only job would be to pass. She has partnered with other people who have different roles like one aligned my CV for me, and it looked more professional. After like two weeks, I got an interview. I cannot explain the feeling, the excitement of getting that positive feedback, seeing that am actually in the glimpse of my goals.

Before the actual interview, I had to do a clinical assessment test where, an exam of both numerical and critical nursing questions, after passing this, then I could do the main interview. By now, I had already made acquaintances with several other nurses who had got the interview with the same trust. We held discussions, prepared for the interview together, I was glad i had them, knowing I wasn’t on the journey alone was reassuring. The clinical assessment questions were hard but through all that preparation, I was able to ace it, so I was scheduled for the main interview on may 25th.

I was going through my emails on the morning of 4th may when I saw the email from the trust, my interview had been pushed forward to 9th. I think I was lying on the sofa cause I remember a very fast reaction, I sat down, read the email again, went straight to my duty rota, I got so relieved to see that I would be on my day off that day.  It was the same for my other colleagues and we teamed up again, held discussions over the nights on Microsoft teams or WhatsApp conference calls. I went throughout all the sample questions that the trust had sent me, I watched YouTube videos on how to answer overseas nursing interview questions, I googled and I practiced. 

My interview was set at 2.30 UK time that is 4.30pm in Kenya. My other team members were before me, it was nerve wrecking waiting for my turn, every time one of them finishes, I was envious. My time came, I was dressed up an hour before in a beautiful white and green striped blouse and a black blazer on top, my trousers didn’t really matter cause the interviewers would only see me from my waist up. I put on light make up and applied my nude brown lipstick. When the recruiter was preparing me that my interview was about to start if I had any questions, I asked her ” how do I look?” She said I looked perfect, so my confidence was now a hundred. I bet the interviewers were tired from holding interviews all day, they looked so serious. I knew that I had to maintain eye contact to show my confidence but they never kept theirs. They wrote down everything I was saying which I came to know later at the end of the interview that they were going to use my answers to counter check with the marks allocated with these questions and tell if I passed or not. They asked me of my career since my graduation, an example of a time I had a difficult patient and how I dealt with the situation, an example of when I was stressed or overwhelmed at work and how I dealt with it, they asked me to tell them step by step what I would do if I found two of my patients complaining of abdominal pains and diarrhoea, another one was how I would manage my patient whom I found unresponsive, and also how I would go about giving medication to a patient who has never used medications and have no clue of what to do. They may seem like easy questions but, you have to show them that you are caring, compassionate, you have good communication, show that you are competent, courageous and committed to your role as the nurse to your patients. 

After my interview it was around 5.30pm I decided to go and buy some few things for supper. Just before I left, I decided to check my email and there it was, feedback from the trust! I got so nervous, I couldn’t bring myself to open it,  I went around the house saying “Jesus, God! ” Over and over, breathing in and out. Finally I opened it and the first word I saw was congratulations! I was jumping, my hands were in the air, I was saying all praises to the Lord, it was one of the happiest moments of my life, the other part of the email I was reading it with teary eyes. Finally, my dreams are coming true, reaching my goals one by one. The first person I called was my mom, I couldn’t contain my excitement while talking to her, I was trying to catch my breath as we talked, I knew how much my mom has sacrificed, how much she was always cheering me on and praying for me, it was prayer answered for both of us.

So the recruiter had told me in the email that I was going to receive my offer letter on the following day, I was so eager to get it and start now applying for visa. The following day came, nothing, the other day came, nothing, except from my colleagues who all received their letters, telling them of the wards they will be working on, and the steps  to follow forward towards getting the work visa. Mine never came, I was panicking, my team said maybe the recruiter had forgotten to send, I should email her and find out. She told me that mine wasn’t ready they were still waiting for my ward allocation. Days passed, week, I email the recruiter, same answer, other days pass, anxiety, questions in my mind and constant worry overwhelmed me.

At this time, Jesus entered fully into my life! Okay since I started doing this process, I dedicated it to God, i prayed to Him in every step of the way and he never disappointed me. However, at this particular moment while I was waiting for my offer letter is when I felt the full power of the Lord, my faith in Him increased, I trusted Him fully. It happened on one night I was listening to a sermon on you tube and it moved me to tears, and I surrendered my heart, my body and my soul to the Lord Jesus. My anxiety was replaced by hope, every Bible verse I read its like it was telling me to wait on His time, that He was preparing something bigger for me, that whatever was mine, will be mine in His time. I believed, I trusted him, there were days I would doubt and start to worry but then, He would talk to me through different ways, maybe through a friend encouraging me to wait patiently on God’s time.One time I went  to YouTube and the first thing I saw was a sermon titled, ‘waiting patiently with hope” where the pastor was saying why God sometimes takes his time to give us what we want. He does it to grow our faith in Him and our trust as he gives us the patience and grace while we wait, because He is preparing for great things for us. I listened to His voice all through and waited. Weeks passed, I asked a lot of questions, sent emails to my recruiter, questioned my agent, talked to my close friends and family and all the time I was reassured to wait. 

On the 25th of may, the day that initially I was to to the interview before it was pushed forward, I was home, since I had requested the day off at the beginning of the month. My friend had given me the ‘ Becoming  Michelle Obama” book , however there was another novel that I hadn’t finished reading, I wanted to finish it quickly so that I can start on the ‘Becoming. I was lying on the sofa legs up and the book over my head as I perused page after page, I was deep in the story. My phone kept buzzing with messages, I said I would check after I was finished with the chapter I was reading. I answered some of the messages on whatsapp then went to my email. I always receive a lot of emails prompting me to apply for different positions, those that I don’t want to apply I like to delete so that my inbox doesn’t fill up. The same reaction happened again, me sitting down in a flash, I had seen an email with my recruiter’s address. The subject offer letter! Finally’! Was my first thought, His time had come, here it was, my confirmation that I was going to London!
The follow up email was on the next  steps and the documentation needed so that my file in the trust can be complete. The joy and the peace of mind and the excitement that I felt only allowed me to say “Thank you God for your blessings on me!”


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