The Journey To My Dream; CBT
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The Journey To My Dream; CBT

Once again am in the train, I love travelling this way am hoping to travel with the cool electric and super comfortable trains in the UK soon. Anyway, we are about 30 to 40 minutes to reaching the Nairobi terminals. I can’t believe tonight I will be with my family can’t wait to see my lovely nephews, I have not brought them anything but I will make sure to do so tomorrow.

I know it’s been a while since I updated my process, my passport took time to be processed and when it was finally ready, I had ran out of money to book the exam. Kelvin who has been guiding has really been helpful, encouraged me on taking a loan, helped me to register for NMC, clear with NCK and finally book the exam. Once am in London I will make it first priority to take him for dinner and drinks to thank him for his support. 

I will be sitting for the exam tomorrow at 11am, am so excited so finally take this step and a little nervous, I hope the questions come as I have been studying. Once am done with the exam I will be able to search for employers in the UK do interviews and once I have an employer I can start processing my visa. Am hopeful I will be done by April with the whole process. 

It’s always a good time seeing my family again, especially my adorable nephews. I stayed up late with them up to around midnight when we finally went to sleep.

Days Later…

By 8am on 2nd I was awake, took my breakfast, took a hot bath. I wore my beautiful maroon dress and pampered my face with makeup. At around 9.30 I ordered a bolt. Sitting back left I decided to go through my notebook to review some of the notes I have been jotting down when studying, then I went through a few exams outline and revised questions on my phone. I was feeling confident that I would do well.

I signed in as the third person at the exam venue, the receptionist led me to the room where the other candidates were waiting. The registration process wasn’t tedious, they asked for my passport, after confirmation, I gave my signature on an electric pad, then a half photograph was taken. At exactly 11.15am I was led to my computer which I was already logged into the portal and the Pearson vue lady agent told me to start the exam. 

First part was numerical questions, drug calculations, you can’t imagine how happy I was to find that the questions were not so complicated, no questions on how to calculate the volume or rate or drops, they were much simpler questions. I did the 15 questions without any hiccups and submitted. Part B involved the adult nursing questions. I didn’t get so many questions that I had been revising, however I did get like 4 questions that I had actually gone through that morning on the way, few that I had been studying, and the rest were applicable and familiar. Total time given is 200 minutes, I was done with all questions down by the 100 minutes except the ones I had flagged. I started by going back to those and thinking on them hard. I then reviewed all the questions over three times, which was good because I noticed some few mistaken answers. With 45minutes I was confident I had answered all the questions best as I could so ended the exam. I did a few extra questions for survey and submitted them.

At the front desk I found the lady had already printed out my results. I took my bag and the envelop she gave me and went out looking for a room that I could open the papers in my hands with my results. It’s only that there were CCTVs everywhere, but my instincts were to jump and scream with joy, I kept my cool though. The happiness I felt at that moment knowing I have passed another step towards getting to work abroad couldn’t be imagined, I thanked my God with all my heart. I wanted mom to be the first to know the results but she was mteja. I told Kelvin my number one supporter and my other close friends. I then took a bus back to Zimmerman to my family.

The following day in the evening I went to visit my friend at Kasarani, we talked catching up, watched movies on Netflix. Next day we spent the whole day in Gikomba market I needed to update my closet with cute clothes. I didn’t get exactly what I wanted but I did get a few cool tops and Palazzo trousers.

Today morning I rejoined my family, we went to 11am mass, and the whole afternoon we all had a very good nap.

My brother and my two adorable nephews have escorted me all the way to the bus station, it was a sad goodbye, I really didn’t want to leave them and they didn’t want me to leave. I couldn’t believe I was about to be late to the bus again like last time; 10 minutes to time is when I was arriving at the CBD, I alighted the bus and hopped onto a bodaboda immediately. He was able to take me there on time with spare of 1 minute. The bus however was not in a hurry, unlike the dreamline bus which left me the other time I was in Nairobi and I had to run after it being late with exactly one minute, this bus waited for people for another 10minutes. As am writing this am on tahmeed bus and we are on the way to Mombasa, my headphones on, but am a bit sleepy so am thinking after finishing writing this I will try and catch some sleep.

  • Mike Lion
    Posted at 14:53h, 30 November Reply

    I can see an inspiring book to the future generation is on its way,superb exceptionally beautiful story and now a dream come true.

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