The Journey To My Dream; Speaking
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The Journey To My Dream; Speaking

I was trying to study last night but the cuteness of my nephews couldn’t let me, I managed to look over some speaking videos you tube and also play some scenarios in my head while I was in bed. I woke up at 8.30am, had breakfast, had a bath and then pampered my face with makeup, my brother and sister had already for work and my nephews were asleep. On my phone I ordered for my Uber to Oshwal college in parklands avenue, this costed me 530 Kenya shillings. 

On arrival it was around 10.50am, I found that many other IELTS  students had already registered in and they were all sitting under a tent. I went ahead and registered and joined them In waiting at the tent, as they called out people one by one.

Oh my gosh, the wait took too long,  the  exam supervisors were coming to the tent calling students maybe two at a time or three, I was eagerly waiting to hear my name but it was not happening, I noticed even people who came after me went before me, I later came to learn that for us who were doing the exam via video call, the queue was longer compared to those who were doing one on one with the examiners. I don’t know how my sister convinced me that it would be warmer later in the day so I didn’t carry any warm clothing. contrary to that, the cold was chewing me alive. I could feel all my insides shake and shiver, I think people thought I was super nervous. Funny enough, I was feeling so confident and not nervous at all. I decided not to go through any other material and just be cool and wait, plus the cold was too much I couldn’t concentrate on any other thing. The only thing I did was to pray from time to time reminding God to be with me through the exam, to give me words to say, and not to have any hesitation.

Finally my name was called, I was so excited, I walked into another registration room where a passport photo and my finger prints were taken. I was also given a note inclusive of the information regarding my Saturday exams, I will be sitting for them in a room called canteen down.

After a few minutes I finally entered the room, the supervisor who was connecting my video call was very nice and calming, he made me laugh. 

My examiner on the other side had such a welcoming face with a huge smile planted on his face, this really helped, he was an old man probably in his 50s. The topics that he asked me included my childhood, movies and cinemas, photography and learning other languages. They weren’t tough questions and I think I answered them well, what I don’t know is if I used enough vocabularies or if my grammar was good, but am confident I wasn’t bad. 

After signing out I ordered a bolt ride back to Zimmerman which costed me 520 shillings. 

Now waiting for Saturday!


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