The Journey To My Dream; Listening, Reading, Writing
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The Journey To My Dream; Listening, Reading, Writing

.Its 3pm, my train has just left the Nairobi terminus, am going back to my city. Nairobi has been a bit chilly but good to me regardless.

So two days ago I went to my friends place, she lives in Kasarani. It was a good chance to catch up, I also knew I would be able to study better cause once she left for work, I would have the house to myself, I carried my studying material and my laptop. That evening we went to the streets and ate all the delicacies including mutura, mayai, smokies and finally chapo. Later at night my friend had prepared a very delicious meal of nduma and meat stew, we ate while enjoying the Marlon comedy on Netflix. The following day I studied the whole day with little breaks in between, I was happy to get the chance to study.

Saturday morning came, we woke up at 5am, the morning cold could be cut with a knife. The good this is that  my friend has hot water in her bathroom. I ordered a bolt ride once we were ready. At 5.50 am we were already on the road, we dropped my friend first to her workplace at Eastleigh then proceeded to parklands Oshwal college. I was there by 6.34am, the first one to arrive, the cold was too much but this time I was not giving it a chance, I had a heavy trench coat and a shawl on my head, my mask covering the mouth. After a few minutes other candidates started to arrive and we were directed to our previous tent to wait for the supervisors to organize everything. 

I was not nervous at all, I went to the cafe and took a cup of coffee, even when my name was called as the second person in the room I would be taking my exam, I didn’t jump with nervousness. I registered and sat, the front bench, I felt lucky that I sat on the front row that I did not have to do all my exams focusing on people sitting in front of me. 

We started with listening exam where a set of headphones were provided and I listened to different conversations filling in the gaps on the question paper, this was through with 30mins. After that it was reading exam, three passages with 40 questions, the given 60mins flew like gas, when the supervisor was announcing 10minutes left I was still in  question 31 struggling to find answers in the last passage, but luckily I was able to finish, I had to guess like two questions though rather than leaving them blank.

 The supervisor announced ” that’s 20 minutes passed” during the writing exam, and I was like daamn, how is this time actually going. Basically writing had task 1 and task 2 and they advise you to spend 20 minutes on the first one and 40 minutes on the other one, so when they announced 20 minutes I was still jotting my second paragraph on task one waiting to write the second one. I decided not to panic and continued to write, then  moved fast and started on task two. Lucky enough I was done by the time five minutes were remaining and I even had a chance to go through both of them and correct some mistakes.  

I felt so happy and relieved after the papers, wow what an achievement, I felt so proud. The results will be out in the next 9days and am praying for success. Am heading now to my warm city and I can shed off these heavy jackets from me.


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