The Journey To My Dream; Night On The Train
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The Journey To My Dream; Night On The Train

I gave myself at least 3 weeks to study and prepare for the IELTS exam. This is an English exam you have to do to show that you can communicate well in English when you get abroad. It consists of speaking, reading, writing and listening papers. Am glad I have a friend who always checks on my progress and sends me materials to study with, thanks Kev! When I was ready, I booked the exam with the British council, then I booked my train and here I am.

 I was so anxious that I would miss my train, I had requested my boss if I could leave by 5pm cause we were already done with our theatre list, he agreed and my colleagues released me. I didn’t want to take any chances, by 7pm I was ready as we had agreed with my sister who was to drop me at the station, but when I called her she informed that Kelvin would be taking me to the station by 7.45pm. My heart was beating, honestly I was worried we won’t make it on time especially when he hadn’t come to pick me by 8pm. I decided to relieve my anxiety by calling my mom, I told her I was about to leave the house and she prayed for my journey and wished me success with my coming exams.

Kelvin came a few minutes later after 8pm after which I took my bags and we took off. We made it on time I even had time to take some selfies at the station. Right on time, by 10pm the train departed the station.

I have a nice kind of feeling, travelling at night via train. Its my first time travelling at night with the train, I always travel with the bus. It feels like am in a movie, those kinds that are romantic and people fall in love in them trains. I will probably tell more as the journey proceeds.

My IELTS exam is on Wednesday and Saturday, am glad am starting with speaking exam on Wednesday. All through when I was preparing for this exam, speaking seemed like the hardest of them all. You have to speak to someone about a topic they give you, with good grammar and good flow and obviously there is a standard way on how they mark it. I don’t know if its only me, but I can have a really good idea in my mind, but words escape from me when I try to speak it out.  It’s scary but am not afraid of it, am ready to speak my mind. On Saturday I will be doing listening, reading and writing exams. I pray for success.

This train of ours is not as comfortable as one would wish, am so tired already, the seats are in an upright position, my legs are intertwined with all my seat mates, honestly no space between us, and the small table before us cant be enough for the four of us to lay our heads. In the bus at least there is an option to lower your seat and have a good nap, I guess I will just struggle through the night. There is a handsome guy sitting opposite to me, I don’t know why am smiling at him, I cant help it . He is watching a football game and his team seems to be losing cause he is throwing his hands in the air with desperation, he is cute though.

I forgot to charge my headphones and so they have shut down on me. I was enjoying the music while reading a story on wattpad, but now I don’t feel like reading anymore. These wattpad stories really give you the feels, they are so life real like.

I can’t believe my insomnia followed me up to the train, several of my bunk mates are already asleep. I however am still wide awake, with no music, and no energy to read anymore, this journey is not as romantic as I once thought.

We arrived at 3.33am, exactly the time they had said we will be in Nairobi with 2 minutes to spare.

I cant go to Nairobi town with the dark or go to wake my family up at 3am so I have decided to stay back at the terminus until it is brighter in the morning. One problem though, the cold can be cut with a knife, and the metal chairs at the waiting bay ain’t helping either. Lucky for me, I carried my maasai blanket and I have a heavy sweater but still my teeth are in a battle between the upper and the lower jaw lines. I lay my head on my travel bag and I will shiver through the morning

Its 5.50 am in a bolt car drive to Zimmerman Nairobi that’s where my family is, my two brothers, my sister-in-law and my two adorable nephews, I will be staying with them during these exam days.

Watch out next for my speaking exam day…


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