The Journey To My Dream
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The Journey To My Dream

It wasn’t always my dream, in fact, I took my time to really appreciate that this move would be the best choice for me. For years my close friends insisted to me to start the process and move abroad, but I wasn’t having it. I was in my comfort zone, I didn’t have the courage to start the whole thing, also life hadn’t hit me financially to a point of thinking of finding better opportunities than where I was, basically I was just afraid to start. Then came corona, and after the epidemic, my finances were in shambles, I was barely surviving, I started to wonder, what next? Still though, moving abroad was far from my mind, I was still applying to jobs locally in private institutions, government and NGOs organizations with no luck whatsoever. Then, sometime last year one of my close friend showed me her emails and she was at the last stages of her move to the US, this triggered something in me, and that’s when my mind shifted.

Am going to be sharing a series in several episodes of my journey towards London as I wrote it in real time. Hope you enjoy it. This is how it started;

London dream,
Yesterday I met up with friend Vero on our usual spot: Java house, we sat near the entrance so we can see all the car models getting into the mall. We hadn’t hang out in a long time and so we had to catch up, I ordered a Caffe latte, she ordered dawa, she was having a flu. So, we started updating each other on what we have been through. The whole week was nurses week, and so we had a lot to talk about that, especially of all the departmental parties we all had.

Vero is on the process of moving to the US to work there, and the dream was becoming a reality. She had already passed the exam, and got the hospital and the state she was going to be located, Kansas! The only thing that she was waiting for is the interview at the Embassy; she was so excited to show me the email saying that the embassy had verified all her documents and she will be notified of the date of the interview. Wow it’s still unbelievable how that long journey is finally ending and now it was real, she was actually moving to the US.

Then she showed me the money she was going to be making, basically she will be a millionaire! That was it for me, the London dream shined before my eyes, I had to have this good money and good life, I could change my life for the better and even that of my family. The process of going to the US is long strict and expensive, but the UK process is more doable, and many of my colleagues have flown there already, I can ask them for guidance.

So I told vero, that I am also going to start the process, I was excited, it might have been the adrenaline brought up by seeing my friends dream come true, it must have been the money, or the glamorous life that I can have for me and my family, or not wanting to be left out, me I think it’s for all the reasons that I am going to chase this London dream. Let it be documented that on 12th May 2022 , the last day of our nurses week, I made this decision and am not going back. I then changed my phone wallpaper to the the picture on the title just to motivate me and remind me of my goal each time I switched on the phone.

Watch out for the next episode of my night travels on the train.


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