A Letter To My Sister
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A Letter To My Sister

Letter To My Sister

What would have became of me? What could I have done if you weren’t there for me? How could I have survived Mombasa if you weren’t my family? Am just glad I didn’t have to do it without you, thankful that I have you in my life. I remember when you came to pick me up on a Sunday morning in July at Bondeni bus station, my first day ever in Mombasa. You were wearing your dera, driving a ractis, and I thought, wow there she is, I was just so proud of you at that moment .

Driving over the nyali bridge, I was in awe of the whole city, I loved the old buildings, and the ocean and I just wanted to stay in mombasa indefinitely. You know what you did? You told me there were so many hospitals that I could apply to, then went ahead helped me in all my applications and driving me to the interviews. You were definitely an angel sent for me to help me start off my life. You didn’t t stop there, you hosted me for over an year giving me food, shelter while I hustled to get my minimum wages. When I was ready to stand on my own, you helped search and settle in my house. Every stage of my life, you have been there for me. Even now with my move to the UK, you have given me so much support. It’s like you know everything about everything, to me you are a superstar. Thankyou, I don’t know how I would proceed with this process without your help.

Your generosity still amazes me, how you help people and provide for people, and even sometimes take over other people’s responsibilities like they are your own without ever complaining. I don’t know how you do it, I can never be able to take other people burdens like you do. What I see is that, being of service, and helping people fulfills you, and that is a blessing, to be a soldier of the lord. You know what, you will never lack, blessings will follow you with each step you take because you are good and the Lord knows you.

You have given me a family here in Mombasa, in my heart, I always have a place to turn to when I need love, always welcomed me into your home. The biggest blessing though that I am forever grateful for is your daughter, my princess, I have always felt like she was my little girl, cause you allowed me to be part of her life. Thank you so much, for my little best friend, the most lovely, bubbly, happy and smartest little girl. She is intelligent just like you, and you can tell she will have your big heart. I love how you always dress her in cute and adorable outfits, you were definitely ready to be a girl mom.

Now that am leaving, and I won’t be able to go to your house during my day offs like I have always done, am gonna miss you so terribly. The last six years, you were always on my speed dial when I was lost, in any predicament, or when I needed to find something, or just wanted to hang out and spend time with my family, now you will be miles and miles away. It’s going to take time to get used to, I don’t know what awaits me in the new city, how I will navigate it without you. 

Am sure the Lord will provide me other angels to guide me, friends to face life with, and family to love. I also know that He will also provide for you people who will fill your heart, who will love you unconditionally, who will be your family.

We have grown so much together, I have grown emulating you, I hope you have also learnt something from me. Am confident that I will be okay, and you will be okay as well. We will only be apart physically, but our hearts are bound.

Always be positive in life, keep being a good soldier of the Lord, pray hard, work hard, and let God. I love you so much, we may not be related by blood, but my heart knows you as my sister. Since we were children, God united us, and we have made Him proud by being good friends, and sisters to one another. 

Take care of my little best friend, continue to instill her with good values, correct her when she is wrong, celebrate her when she makes you proud, be her role model, so that she can always talk to you for guidance. I won’t let her forget me, I will video call her whenever I can, and I pray that I can always be able to travel home every now and then.

Pray for me to make it big, to receive all the blessings that the Lord has promised me, and I shall pray for you as well.

I love you so much Maggie, 

My sister 



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