The Other Side
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The Other Side

 “What will I talk about” has been on my mind the whole week. Usually I write from  a painful feeling in my soul, or a longing that is driving me, but what if am content? Then what do I talk about? what is on the other side then? away from hurt, despair, fear, and desperation? The other side is power, confidence, achievement, strength, hope, trust, love, happiness, and ultimate joy. Am on this other side, I have chosen it, and it has chosen me too, I live in it, my thoughts are it, and I never want to leave this side.

Like Moana the animation, her island was dying, nature drying up and she decided to take action to save her home, she went on a journey in search for the queen who could restore the life of her island. Turns out the queen, had just lost a little piece of her that made her full fury fall upon her entire kingdom like sparks of fire. Moana in company of her guide and protector Maui, searched for the missing part and brought it to the queen. The smallest part ever of the whole queen restored, and it ignited her, bringing  her to life, to full bloom, she was beautiful and nature filled her, flowers blossomed, and the ground  that was then cracking dry as it could be, became luxuriously green. I feel that it’s what happens to people once they find their missing part and they are connected to themselves, when their hearts are healed, and they find out who they truly are. They blossom.

Love yourselves, so that you can recognize when you are lost, and it will help to embark on the journey of finding yourself. Find a protector, a guide for the journey, to hold your hand, to pull you up when you fall into a ditch, to give words of encouragements on the way, to show you the right paths to follow, to be happy with you in good times. One that will be with you at every step of your way, untill you are healed, till you are one with your soul, your thoughts as positive as they could be, your existence abided with hope and unimaginable faith that you will make it and you belong to the other side. Let me tell you, the Lord Jesus does a really good job being a guide and protector. You shine and you are content.

Be you, love you, start your journey from the drying island to get to your most nurturing island. Luxurious with all the love, all the right energy, with confidence, with positivity, success in everything you do,  strength, courage, with joy and all the happiness this world can offer. This is my prayer to anyone who gets to read this. 



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