Greener Side
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Greener Side

There is a huge wave of nurses going to work abroad, UK, USA, and its real, every day a bunch of nurses are flying out. Now, all the population that is usually around me, is suddenly all in my business. Am getting, hey aren’t you going abroad like your friends? Hey when are you leaving? I hear in the US nurses are paid well, Hey you should start thinking of going to work abroad, many nurses have! 

Oh I have noticed many nurses have gone, I know they are paid well, and telling me to think of starting the process feels like an insult. Surely, you must realize that I am a nurse, and I have obviously thought of it! 

I know most people mean well, but it just feels problematic. Nurses, do you feel bothered by the constant questioning or its just me? It’s like you are putting pressure on us who are doing the process to feel like we need to hurry it whilst we know the process has its flow; and, for us who don’t have the American dream to feel pressured into doing the process when we don’t want to. 

Give the nurses a break man! I know we are a huge deal right now, we are the  visa sponsors, making the move to the developed countries a reality! We only need space to figure out our fates and decide if we are going to work the system. If another person asks me when am going abroad like my friends, I might slap them across the face! That is if I can actually do that.Besides, you know most nurses like to work under water then at one point when you are relaxed and comfortable, then boom, suprise!

It’s sad how now, not only for nurses but for other careers as well, being successful is by moving out of our country. There are no jobs, those with jobs can’t even sustain their basic needs, most people are indoors sad and depressed with no prospects to motivate them to leave their houses. You can apply for a job, but hearing back would be a sort of miracle, unless you are very well connected, your papers don’t matter, is who you know. Once you get the job, at the end of every month it leaves you wondering, what was all that work for? So that I can just pay the bills and pay taxes? No side is greener here, hence the massive move abroad, it’s the people’s survival instincts kicking in. I mean 30 million people applied for green cards last year, it’s crazy.

Nurses and teachers are the worst paid public servants in our country, they are always out in the streets protesting. For nurses however, many opportunities have opened up overseas, and they are not sleeping on them, teachers not so lucky. It just dreadful that we can’t rely on our country  to be successful and prosperous. Of course there are those of you excelling here, and we salute your hard work, show us your ways, better yet, be our connections!

I hope soon many universities will incorporate the overseas programs to allow student nurses in starting the process early enough. If you want the American dream, work and be consistent, involve God in the whole process. If you want to stay here, good, we also need to grow our health system infact the main goal is actually to provide the best and quality care to our patients which will not happen if all the nurses move. 

Looking back to my teenage self, on how I thought by now I would be super successful with two mansions, and atleast two cars, am actually really disappointed. I didn’t think that being an adult would be so complicated. It is a continuous cycle of decision making day in day out! I miss the days when I didn’t make decisions on what to cook, it is sometimes one of the hardest decision of the day. Anyway, it’s never too late, am hoping  to achieve my teenage dreams soon enough. Every one success story is in different time zones, atleast that’s what they say, we just keep grinding until we make it.

The lesson was, unless you are mentoring, doing a preceptorship, or helping, avoid pressuring people about their careers, especially before you know their perspective on the matter. I do not like it and am sure there are other people who don’t like it too. Think about it, apart from love being the main stressor, a lot of people are stressed about their jobs, lack of employment, low salaries, huge bills, taxes,vtheir career growth, so it’s really easy to trigger someone. I don’t know about our forefathers and how it’s said they were tough and what not but this generation is so vulnerable and suspectible to stress. Everyone wants to be a millionaire, which is logically impossible, hence increased stress levels in people. 

So, let’s be cautious, learn how to deal with people, let’s find our own ways, work the systems, chase dreams, and may success be ours! And as NF said in his new album, definition of success is listening to what your heart says.


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