Theatre Experience
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Theatre Experience

At 7am I would be at the clocking system, hurrying up through the first floor stairs to catch my lift to third floor. Once in theatre, choosing the scrubs is the first step, you don’t want to be swimming in them,looking like the scrubs are wearing you, that is not a good look, and also you want to be able to move and lift so they can’t be holding you back, so getting the right fit is very refreshing. 

I requested for most day shifts than the nights, I like working during the day. There are more people to work with, we get to help more patients, and I like to know which day of the calender it is, night shift tends to confuse someone on the dates. I always find myself enjoying the night shifts though, they are more calmer. But, it’s when you do most of the emergency cases, I don’t know why but many emergencies happen at night, i imagine it to be an agreement between the two, ‘okay you can do your electives the way you planned, then we attack tonight’. It’s so adrenergic. 

What I can say, doing cases during the day is so dramatic. You could be talking loud and  laughing one time, the next you are quiet just doing what’s needed and another time you get really annoyed, but it’s what makes it so wholesome. You experience all the emotions without even realising. Theatre is a unit, one that is driven by team work. Everyone has a part to play, the housekeeper ensures we have a safe space, the nurse ensures it’s the right patient, right surgery,  assists the surgeon and monitors the patient, the technician ensures all the equipments needed are there, they are working and uses them to assist the surgeon, anesthesia ensures the patient safety, and the surgeon works his magic and the patient leaves theatre better than they came in.

I enjoy big cases, mostly orthopaedic I like their flow. Laparoscopic cases are answers to most people’s prayers when they find that they have to be under. They are less scarring, little to no blood, very good results and faster healing time. I love when we get to bring babies to the world. Working with most of the good surgeons and anesthesits, giving the patient the treatment they came for is also a major plus.

I like my colleagues very much, a group of strong minded people that are absolutely fearless, both at their work and on personal levels, just good vibes. We talk alot, we laugh alot,  we have made good friendships. As long as there is more than one person somewhere, there is going to be conflict, and we fight but we also come together to support each other, i don’t ever tell them, cause you know proud kenyan, but I love them. On the other side,  I never get many chances to meet my other friends and colleagues  in the hospital but my team is cool.

It’s not always rainbows, sometimes it’s hard, there’s is pressure from outside and within, disrespect and  injustice, but we overlook these only because of our patient’s care. In theatre, I grew, I changed, became a better version of me, you can say I matured a little bit. Performing successful surgeries also really puts things in better perspectives, such as, it’s possible get positive results, good outcomes are also very high possilities, I risk to sound dramatic, but that’s how it is. I know this because I have learnt that good things always leads to better ones.

Okay I will say this, there are experts in theatre, men and women who are excellent, and fine with skills, who their knowledge is top notch, it’s amazing working with them. Am not at their level yet and I want to write it here, so that the universe takes notice; I hope to one day get my  specialization certificate in perioperative nursing! Make it sooner universe. For now though, i will continue to learn from the best  in the region.

If you consider balance as that found between all the bad and the good, then I would say that my whole theatre experience gives me that balance.


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