Listen To A Song
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Listen To A Song

What do you do when you listen to a song?­Do you listen to the beats, and how all the instruments come together to create a great symphony? Or, do you listen to the beautiful melodies that are in the song? Do you listen to the singer and their voice, to how they inspire you, or perhaps you listen for the words of the song, to how the lyrics are flowing, and what they are saying?  Well, I listen to all that.

Am there for the videos, some videos are epic! Captivating even to the mind. I love watching the music videos, and when I watch the song, I watch out for the energy the song brings out. Watching the singer, I listen, hear what the song is saying, and connect to the song, trying to feel the energy, the feeling behind their songs, their words, and that makes me enjoy the music. To me, I just don’t listen to a song, I connect with it. This is how I go through life, I listen, enjoy and I connect. You will never see me in bad spirits, because I recognize them and let go, and chase them away. For the good though, I want to be part of, I want to dance and sing along.

Music is a teacher, I can learn a lot from the words that each singer writes, maybe it from their experiences, or from their wise and creative minds, but a song is a guidance. A guide to many of the things that we go through in our daily lives. It elevates our emotions and our spirits are on high. When am in pursuit of happiness, music happens.

I didn’t have much to say, I will say this however, listen to the songs, especially your favorites!

PS. Being October 6, I want to wish my lil bro a happy birthday. Have a good one Klaus!


  • Klaus
    Posted at 16:53h, 14 November Reply

    Am a late reader but I always get there… Thank you for the birthday wishes Siz, love you

    • florence
      Posted at 17:32h, 14 November Reply

      Thankyou for reading, better late than never

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