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What a September! For me it was push and pull on my emotions, but it had the loveliest days that I had really hoped, especially for my birthday month. I travelled the most, and enjoyed days and nights on the train. I achieved, I celebrated my birthday, I had time with my family, I got to go home to my parents, had a loss of a dear one, and we grieved together.

At the beginning of the month, I had a chance to attend to one of my friends ruracio, a beautiful event where love won. The girls came out with their designs in our vitenges and dance in celebration of our friend’s happiness. It was the 10th which was my birthday, which also gave me the chance to dress up, eat good food, meet up with friends, and dance.

The old train that takes you to Nairobi CBD was the highlight of my travels. First time boarding it, and my heart was on my sleeve. The way the carriages all moved in different directions, from side to side, and up and down, making very loud and suspicious sounds was really scary. The passengers on board however who had prior experience were laughing off the train motions and loud sounds, which made the small journey really exciting.

I loved spending time with my family, especially with my parents having grownup talks and all. My nephews were adorable as ever, the older one wants to marry me, haha. I was in a true hustler nation if you know what I mean. I ama loved daughter in my village, mostly because I respect my elders and when we meet, I greet them. They always like to consult me on all their medical problems for advice and recommendation for medications, they call me daktari and I honestly love it. My mom is always introducing to everyone, I think she really loves me and is proud of me, and I hope to never let her down. When I showed her my blog, and she read my articles, she corrected the mistakes just as the English teacher she is, we basically wrote ‘inauguration day together, her giving me better alternatives of words, phrasing and ideas. After last Thursday passed, she was really concerned that I had not posted, I told her that I would write once I was back in the city. My dad asked me if I was being paid as soon as I told him, hehe, talk of being a real Kikuyu man.

Then one Sunday after the church service, I left for home immediately after the casual hellos, I left my parents back in church for choir practice. But just as I was washing the dirty dishes, my mom came home, I was surprised that the choir practice ended so quickly, but she told me she had to leave. She had received bad news from my brother, that my cousin had passed away. It was such painful news, my cousin had been ill for a long time, but we all had very high hopes that he was recovering, so it was painfully shocking to hear of this. Mom and I sat down and prayed for his soul, for his parents especially my aunt to have strength, for his wife and his children’s strength. It was not an easy time trying to console each other, getting comfort from the community and holding daily meetings to plan everything. God was faithful, and we held a beautiful ceremony for my cousin and pray for his soul eternal peace. Even in the dark times, I was happy to meet most of my family members, and catch up with my friend whom I grew up together with, though refuses to call me auntie, is my niece. Even though it was in her most heartbreaking moment of her life, she and I talked and I got to meet all my grandbabies🥰

When planning my journey back to coast, my brother Klaus somehow convinced me that I would make it to Nairobi in 2 hours in reference to the new super high way, so if I left home at 6.30 or 7pm, I would make it to my 10pm bus. I was totally into the idea of going straight to the bus so I took my time, I was not in a hurry. I had boarded a matatu by around six, but it took time to fill up and we ended up leaving past 7. The whole journey, I was a nervous wreck, I couldn’t see how I was going to make it, I couldn’t relax, and the woman beside me who kept leaning heavily on me was not helping. I told her off, I pushed her but she kept leaning back and it was making me furious. I prayed to God to calm me, and to intervene so that I don’t miss my bus. By around 9.15 I was still a long distance from the CBD, worse, the driver had to stop for what seemed like eternity to me for one of the passengers to buy medication. I called the bus severally, asked them to wait for me 10 minutes as I was entering the town but they refused to help, said to make sure I was there by 10pm because the bus would just leave. By the time I arrived at the stage, I saw the bus had left the stand and it was moving away. With the help of the men at the stage, one of them carried my bag, and we ran after the bus, they shouted, called the driver, and I was finally able to get on to the bus, I didn’t even have the opportunity to thank those guys. As soon as I was settled in my chair, I went online, wrote a bad review, and rated the bus one star.

Now back to the city, eager to continue moving forward.

I can’t let the story end before talking of how often I was told to find a husband, and have my own children, wee the pressure is getting wassa


  • Mwihaki Damiano Mwangi
    Posted at 09:11h, 30 September Reply

    The husband is here🤣🤣

    • florence
      Posted at 10:45h, 30 September Reply

      😅😅😅 thought you already taken

  • Carolyne
    Posted at 18:54h, 30 September Reply

    Wow quite a good one….I was happy to have had a chance with you before you left..

    • florence
      Posted at 19:00h, 30 September Reply

      Yes dear, it was a lovely time

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