Inauguration Day
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Inauguration Day

4.15am my alarm rang and I was up! Went straight to the kitchen to boil water for a hot bath, Nairobi it’s too cold for cold water. As I was taking last night chapati with vanilla tea, I called my brother asked him to get there quickly for us to leave so we are early enough to get space at the stadium. Few minutes to five we had already left, took a boda straight to Kasarani. On the way we met with so many people running on foot  towards the stadium, miles away from it but with so much determination and very jubilant, moving as fast as they could to get to the venue. We went in through the last gate where we found so many other people waiting in line to get into the main entrance to the stadium. Tension started to rise as people got frustrated with the police who weren’t opening the gates. People who were very calm in the beginning started losing their patience, they started shouting to the police and threatening to break the gates, the guards were not being fazed. Then the big police trunks that usually spray people with volumes of water away, arrived and now people got anxious. The first gate was broken down, where I was with my brother was next, we were holding hands the whole time so we don’t lose each other. When the gate was finally broken, the stampede was real!! Most scary moment of my life. You actually feel the other person next to you compressing your bones, luckily we were very near the gate so we didn’t push each other for long, within seconds I was inside the venue. I paused first and  thanked God for saving me, because looking back I could see that most people were still in the stampede and others were jumping through the gates, getting hurt in the process while others were being sprayed with water by the police, when I say sprayed, it’s an understatement, it’s by lack of another strong word I can use, maybe you can tell me.  

Anyway after entering the stadium, it was already really packed so we had to climb on the stalls through the  people and find space between others, but the spirit in there was just amazing so if there was space, people just created it for you. Soon my brother and I were settled and it was surreal, looking around seeing how big the stadium was and seeing this huge crowd which energy was on the roof to feeling the excitement of actually witnessing this historic event, one of change of power, to our chosen president, eish it’s a feeling I loved. 

The crowd was crazy we were there from 5am others actually we’re there from 3am but our energy didn’t shake a bit. Vuvuzelas, flutes, horns, people’s shouts, songs, screams filled the whole stadium, we sang songs together,  chanted the same words together in the whole stadium it was really satisfying. Whenever anyone would mention Dr.Ruto’s name, the crowd went wild with jubilation. We had good entertainment, we only wanted gospel songs, once they put any other kind we all screamed “Nooo!”. The anthem ofcourse ‘sipangwingwi’ being the exception. Our favourite which we actually chanted like three times was ‘ombea adui yako, aishi siku nyingi ili unapobarikiwa ajionee Kwa macho’.

The dignitaries came in one by one and we welcomed them all but our most awaited guest was still in a motorcade, which if it was shown on the screen, people screamed with excitement as he got closer. It was even louder when they both arrived with his deputy.

Eish no time was wasted, the ceremony started as soon as the former president finished inspecting the guard of honour. First he was sworn In by the judiciary led by the chief justice with the Bible and the constitution, then the former president handed over the constitution, and the sword of power to the president, the guard behind the retired president swiftly changed position and stood behind the newly elected President, Ruto the Fifth. Eish we jumped, screamed with such joy,  glitters and fireworks filled the stadium, all the vuvuzelas and flutes blowing like mad,  the Horn announcing a leader is chosen was blown, Then came the loud 21 gunshots that shook the whole stadium, wow. I was so glad I was part of that audience who witnessed this, it was so exhilarating. The deputy was also sworn in, his speech was blazes of fire, no filters, the kind of truth we need in this country. He introduced the new president in the most perfect way, the whole stadium rose in respect to the president, the fifth, the hustler, who made it to the top seat, an inspiration.

He was overwhelmed by the cheers and the support he was getting from the audience before he could even utter a word,  the crowd was already chanting his name. He then gave his speech very passionately, very intelligently written, indicating that he is ready to work. within the speech he gave two commands to take effect as of that afternoon! 

It is one of the memorable days that I will always remember, being part of something pretty historic, so great. Those with doubts of him, it’s of course acceptable but am so hopeful that God will continue to guide our leader and he will change our country to the better. 

Long live our president

God bless all our leaders

God bless kenya

  • Klaus
    Posted at 16:55h, 14 November Reply

    What an epic day 🙌😅

    • florence
      Posted at 17:32h, 14 November Reply

      Wee I shall never forget, we unajua Tu😁

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