Life Is A Journey
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Life Is A Journey

Its true what they say, life is a journey and days pass so quickly. You can be at one point in life and in a few months or years, find yourself in a totally different situation. If somehow you never think about your past, you can actually forget some of the experiences you went through.

Year 2021 was difficult for many people, including myself, it was the top most difficult time for me. I tend to believe I hid it very well, only my close friends knew my sad situation, but probably those with high emotional intelligence noticed it. I had just been demoted, it became hard to adjust to the new income, I had debts, I was broke, went through some very stressful months. Today I was going through my journal and I was amazed at how far I have come, reading through it, its dark, and full of teary words and traces of hope. I wrote almost daily hoping to write something positive but it was difficult. Looking back its amazing how God can adjust your life, my past was not even in my mind until I started reading my journal, thankful to God for uplifting my spirits.

After months of turmoil, somehow, I managed through it, my debts cleared little by little, I started adjusting with my finances, became happier, my journal was becoming positive each day, and the traces of hope now were clear trails that I could follow. On this one day I was feeling much like a person and was meeting one of my friends, one of those friends who no matter what, they will uplift your soul, its actually her birthday today, have a good one Felika! while I was waiting for her, this is the input on my journal that day:

Thu, 09 Dec, 2021

Glass of wine

Am sitting in a restaurant here in Mombasa, AJs it’s called; it’s a very serene environment, with the view of the ocean, the sunset very beautiful that it’s reflection in the ocean is magnificent. You can see boats far across the waters and far ahead restaurants also attracting clients with their colorful lights. When you are surrounded by such beauty, you feel human, you notice the world, you breathe fresh air, you feel the breeze against your face. In the restaurant people are in groups of three, others are couples, in distant conversations, some are drinking wine, others beers, others strong whiskey, there are laughs here and there, there is one guy who has ordered water, he is very serious on his laptop, he must be doing some work, all good vibes.

 It has been a long time since I have felt beautiful, and young and free, that I can feel the music bursting from the speakers in the hotel in my bones. I was locked indoors by poverty, by lacking, and I can now appreciate breathing fresh air. I have ordered for a bottle of water as I wait for my friend, we planned to meet to catch up and for a glass of wine. My water has come with a glass bottle, am sure it will be overpriced, but I feel the cold water deserve to flow through my body, and cleanse me, cool me, and freshen me from such a dry spell, I feel like someone finally after such a long time.

You would think that after not having money for so long, I would not spend it in a restaurant to buy overpriced water, overpriced wine, that I would spend wisely and save. Trust, I will never go back to the situation I was before ever again, I will save, I will invest, I will check my expenses, I will spend wisely and avoid triggers that would make me lose my money again. However, I felt today, I could catch a break, nothing extravagant, meet a friend and take a glass of wine, let me pamper me today, for the bad days left behind, cheers to a brighter future.

My friend has come, and I have ordered red sweet wine, she has ordered a beer, I will probably join her to a beer in the next round. Now let’s get on with the latest gossip and current events.

Nothing is permanent, bad times come and go and you actually forget about them because God always directs you to the future and not the past. If you can avoid it, don’t stress yourself too much because no matter how bad the situation is, it shall pass. Life is a journey with problems to solve and lessons to learn, but most of all experiences to enjoy.


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