Parte XI: What Will He Do
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Parte XI: What Will He Do

Michael and Yvonne were cuddled in bed, they had fallen asleep after they had made love the whole afternoon till evening, they were awakened by his phone ringing
” Shit! Shit! Shit!” Michael cursed as he took his ringing phone
” What?” Yvonne asked
” It’s Kendra” he informed her
” Remind me who is Kendra again?”
” My girlfriend, I told you about her”
” You are still together, I thought you said you guys were not serious and you were breaking up with her”
” No…yes I was gonna but…uuh it’s complicated”
” Complicated how?”
” She is fragile” his phone rang again, still Kendra calling “shit!” he exclaimed and silenced the phone, he was supposed to call her during the day but he was preoccupied, now he had to think of what to tell her before he can receive her calls.
” Just pick up and tell her you are in a meeting”
” I have already told her that before”
” Jesus! Remind me not to catch any feelings”
” Why not?” He asked now turning to her ” we could fall in love, get married, have kids and grow old together”
Yvonne laughed “what? With who, you?, so you can do me wrong like you doing her?, No I will pass on that”
” Yes, I can be the marriage type of guy, it’s the right woman I have to meet, you could be the one”
” I want you for your body, for good sex and that is it” she said
He laughed ” I feel used”
” But it’s fun though, using each other to have a good time”
” That, I agree, I like this fun time” he agreed
“Besides,  am pretty sure this Kendra girl thinks you she is the one, the wifey”
Michael signed and rubbed his face with his hands “Fuuck, this situation with Kendra is messed up”
” Look, just rip the band aid and end it with, don’t keep wasting her time, she will handle herself, women are not as fragile as you put them to be”
” I know, but Kendra is sensitive, she loves me too much”
” Wow, you really think highly of yourself don’t you? , if I was her and I loved you the way you claim, I would want to know the truth”
” So you can hurt?”
” Yes, because after hurt is healing and then one can move on with her life, if you don’t tell her the truth, you are just keeping her life on hold”
” But how do I tell her? How do I even start?”
” You better figure it out and soon, you know she is already planning your future together, whereas you are not, if you wait long, she will start asking why you are not proposing”
” Shit you are right, and I will probably propose just to avoid hurting her”
” Stop treating her like an egg that  break when you drop it, women are strong and even stronger when we overcome pain”
” You are very wise huh” he observed
” Life has taught me alot, have endured a lot of heartbreaks, that’s why I chose to do casual hookups and enjoy life”
” That’s what I want too, that is how to live, I don’t want to be tied down to one person, I thought I could change but I can’t, the settle down type of guy is just not me”
“Well you have a desicion to make and a heart to break, do it soon it’s what is good for both of you. Anyway, this was fun” Yvonne moved out of the bed and started putting on her clothes ” it was really fun, call me when you want to have some more” she said pecking him
” Why are you going so early, stay a little bit longer, let’s have fun one more time”
” Michael, come on, go to Kendra, or atleast call her she must be wondering why you ain’t calling her back”
” Right! there is that”  he said with all the guilty feelings flowing back
” Bye, call me!” Yvonne said as she walked out of the room
” Bye!” He said then dropping his body back on the bed with a heavy sign. He needed to step up and do the right thing, he thought. He stood up, put on his clothes, took his phone and called Kendra.

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