Parte X; Michael
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Parte X; Michael

Michael woke up around 4am, he had to go through some work and finish up with some reports, he tiptoed out of the bedroom careful not to wake Kendra, carrying his computer he went to the living room. He did his work up to 5:30, then went out for his morning jog around the block.
When he came back panting with sweat, Kendra was in the kitchen making breakfast, she heard him come in
” hey baby, had a good run?” She greeted him
” Yes love, am fully charged for the day”
” That’s good, come have breakfast”
” Thanks babe, but I have to shower first, can’t stain your delicious meal with sweat” he went close to her and kissed her, then went ahead to their room to shower.
When he was ready, he came down, small briefcase carrying his laptop in his hand, with a very well cut suit, he looked like a good business man, one who takes his work seriously. He kissed Kendra and sat next to her as they ate their breakfast.
” Babe, can we meet later for lunch, we haven’t spend time together in a while” Kendra pointed out
” Babe am sorry, but I can’t meet today”
“Why not?, I never get to see you” she was now nudging him with a pout on her face
” I have a lunch meeting today, am sorry baby”
” Tell those people you have a girlfriend, and a life you can’t always be at work”
” Kendra, you know I have to work extra hard “
” I know babe, but I need us to spend more time with each other, babe you are always working”
” I see you all the time Kendra, we practically live together”
” And you are never here?’
” What?”
” Yes Michael, you always out in business meetings, lunch meetings, business trips, and you never have time for me, babe you need to take me out, take me to trip and vacations, watch movies with me, cook and eat with me, I miss you”
Michael hugged her close trying to reassure her, “am so sorry baby, I haven’t been a good boyfriend to you, I promise to do better”
” Baby I don’t want promises, I want actions, tell me when I will be seeing you”
” I will call you later today babe okay?”
” Really? She asked and he nodded his head to say yes and gave her a brief hug, “Ok, you do that”She said.
” I have to get going babe, see you later” he kissed Kendra, more of a peck as he picked his briefcase from the table
” Bye love” as she watched him go out by the door, his back so muscular, his movement like he was commanding the air around him, the man she had really fallen for since she set eyes on him, so handsome, tall, she thought he could pull of as a movie stud. Yet she couldn’t recognize what she was feeling, her mind was racing, were her friends right? Was he lying to her and hiding something? Is he cheating on her? ” No, no!” She said out loud, Kendra couldn’t allow any negative thoughts about her man, she loved him, she trusted him, he was just working hard to make a better life for them both. She washed the breakfast dishes and went to prepare for work.
At the office, Michael’s phone rang, he took it up and checked the caller ID, ” aah, nkt!” and put the phone back on the table to continue ringing. The phone rang again, he checked again the caller ID and put the phone upside down on the table as he continued to work.
There was a small tone of a message on the phone, he opened the message, it was from Jenifer, ‘babe, why are you ignoring my calls’ this was followed by the angry emoji. He didn’t reply, he continued to work.
At 1 pm he closed his laptop, gathered a few documents and placed them carefully on the file, took his phone and left the office, on the way he called the star hotel where he had made reservations, his table was ready they assured him.
It was a table for two, the reason why Michael liked the star restaurant was that whether it was day or night, the environment was serene, quiet dimly lit with the coolest breeze. He sat on the seat facing the entrance so he can see his lunch companion come in. His phone rang, it startled him, Jenifer calling, what a nuisance, he thought, why does she keep calling, he picked up the phone with annoyance, you could tell by his facial expression, ” what Jenifer, I thought I told you to stop calling me!”
” Really babe, I just want to talk to you”
” Talk about what, we were done talking long ago”
” I miss you Michael, don’t you miss me?”
” Listen, don’t call me again, forget you know me, infact delete my number from your phone, as I will do yours, don’t contact me again, we are done!” He hang up before she could say any other word, he went straight ahead to delete her contacts, as the phone popped ‘ are you sure you want to delete’ , thats when he saw her, he clicked ‘yes’, Jenifer was deleted and now he focused on her as she walked towards him, Yvonne!. She looked gorgeous with a red gown, that hugged her figure, she looked tall, the black heels on her feet had her looking upright, as she came close with the biggest smile, he could see that she had taken her time on her make up, her wild red lipstick had him swallowing a gulp of saliva.
” Hey you” he greeted her hugging her
“Hey! I hope I didn’t keep you waiting long” Yvonne said apologetically.
” No”, her perfume was intoxicating, it’s all he could think about, how good her scent was, “no, but even though you did, you are worth the wait, you look very beautiful” this he said pulling the chair for her. Yvonne is a girl Michael met two weeks ago and he was obsessed, he invited her many times but their schedules had always been a hindrance to their proposed dates, till today, he was drowning with excitement.
” Thanks, I just threw this on”she was smiling
boldly. Finally, she thought, he was sexy as always with his perfect face, his perfect body, and the way he was looking at her, jeez! She felt hot, hoping she wouldn’t sweat.
“Well, it worked , I can’t take my eyes of you” and he couldn’t, he thought she was very sexy, he just wanted to pull her close, kiss those red lips, he wanted to touch her curvy body and tear away her red gown and caress her whole body‚Ķ
” What are you thinking about?” She snapped him out of his thoughts, “You” he said looking directly to her eyes, she blushed, ” you are very sexy, I want to take you somewhere we can be alone”
She giggled, and brushed her wig back, ” am hungry though, let’s eat”
” Right, right, let’s order, we can talk about me and you after our stomachs are full, our bodies will be nourished, he was smiling at her giving her such a sexy look, she felt weak and was biting her lip
” When you bite your lip like that, it drives me crazy” he said. She leaned forward, he could see her cleavage very clearly, she bit her lip looking at him, like she was teasing him, she said ” and when you look at me like that, I just want you to kiss me”
His whole body was on fire, his impulses led him to grab her face, pull her close and kissed her hungrily, she kissed him back with the same passion, they both wanted each other like crazy.
” I have to be with you tonight”, he said after they broke of the kiss still very close to each other breathing heavy, his hands on her face and her hands on his ” say you want me too”
” Yes I want you, take a room here”
When the waiter came for the first round to clean their hands, they had just adjusted back to their seats, Michael asked ” Is there a room available?”
” Yes, we have a deluxe room available, the waiter responded.
” Perfect, make it ready, and take our food there, tell me when it’s done”
” Right away sir” the waiter left with her warm towels to prepare their room.
” My sexy lady, can’t wait to see what you’ve got for me”
” Just you wait and see” she was caressing his hands with her fingertips, biting her lips making him wild with desire.

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