Parte VIII; The Girls
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Parte VIII; The Girls

“Yoh! Whatsup Bitches” Esther walked in the shop like she owned it together with Joselyne
” Heeeey! Laureen and Kendra going to hug their friends, “what are you guys doing here,”
“What’s happening, what’s happening!” Joselyne vibing people like she always.
” Why didn’t you tell us you were coming by?”Laureen asked
” We wanted to surprise you guys” Joselyn said
” Yeah we need to go out and eat!” Esther said as they were all taking their seats in the shop
” Kendra, where had Michael ran out to?” Esther aiming to annoy her friend.
” Shut up, he didn’t ran away, he was held up.”
” He flew away girl, hehe flew”
” How else would he reach to his meeting?”
“Eeehee, okay,”Esther sneered.
” Leave that alone, Michael explained himself to her and it was clear”
” Laureen, you want to tell me you guys didn’t think this was suspicious, why would he go MIA for over 24hrs and not even text Kendra to tell her he was in a meeting?”
” I do find it very suspicious”
” Thankyou Joselyne, Kendra, are you really sure what Michael told you was the truth?”
” Yes, Esther, am sure, I trust Michael”
” Trust but don’t be foolish, haven’t you thought of If he was cheating on you?”
“No, I haven’t thought of it cause I know Michael loves me and he told me what happened and I believed him”
” Okay, then dear, I wouldn’t be so naive”
” It’s not naive to believe in the person you love Esther, come down, we all know Michael so leave the girl alone, she was traumatized enough”
” Nobody really knows anyone Laureen” Esther retorted.
” I think Michael is a cool dude, what he did was suspicious but if you are sure you trust him then that’s good” Joselyne said
” Yes exactly, thankyou, someone atleast who understands, I trust my man okay, you guys have made me hungry with all your naggings, let’s go and eat” Kendra agreed with her friend
“Yees, let’s go to Maasai”.
” Cool”
‘We are closed’ sign side faced the outside.
On the way Laureen called Josh
” Hey babe” Josh picked up
“Hey baby, what are you doing?”
” Am just working, going over some reports”
” Dont work so much, are you going to break for lunch? Am going out with the girls for lunch”
” Oh say hi to them, and yeah Michael and I should be out in a few”
” That’s good baby, I miss you, send me a selfie”
“I miss you too baby, ok hold on, he goes to camera, and takes a selfie with the biggest smile, there baby, I sent it”
“Let me see, oooh babe, you a snack, check you out, with your cute smile”
” You play too much baby, can’t wait to see you later”
” Okay see you baby, mwaah, I love you”
” I love you too, have fun with your girls”
” Thanks babe,bye”

At the restaurant
” Guys, Joselyne wanted to share something with her friends, I got the job at the port, I will be starting next month”
” Aaahaaaa!!!” the girls were euphoric
” Yeees, am so happy for you girl, this is great congratulations” Laureen hugging her friend so tight with excitement.
Esther encouraged her friend” am so happy for you too, you deserve this new job, so now you are dealing with big ships and all”
“Yes girl, it’s amazing,…
” And it pays you well” Kendra interjected
They all bursts in laughter “yes girls, I got my money”
” Well cheers to that”
“Cheers to that!!!”
” I know it will have its own challenges, but I know it will be better than where I am now and am excited for the new experience”
” yes dear, may all of your dreams come to place”
“Jeesh Laureen, you always so mushy” Esther annoying her friend
” One of us has to be, you need me to guide you all, you know to your dreams, Laureen said laughing as to irritate her friends
“Mmmh, thankyou Monica” Joselyne called out
” Haha, good one” Esther and Kendra shake their heads with agreement
” Whatever, Laureen rolled her eyes, and you Esther, what’s going on with you”
” See, you are such a Monica”
“And you chandler, with all the jokes”
” Please, am doing good, it’s just me and my boo, doing our thing, and making money”
” Well yes your business is doing really well” Kendra agreed.
” I know girl, am so grateful, we are getting so many orders and endorsements from other companies we are working with, am happy”
” How’s Eddie” Joselyne asked
” He is good, he is handsome, he is my man, my boo”
“Okaaay we are happy for you”
” Thanks Monica, all bursts in laughter, they always loved to enjoy Laureen with Friends cause it’s her favourite show, and you, what drama did you create recently?” Esther asked.
Laureen was startled” no, no drama”
“What? Kendra exclaimed, this girl be lying” she laughed sarcastically.
” Give us the juice” ” yeah” Joselyne and Esther very eager to hear what their friend had done
“It was nothing” Laureen barked
“Nothing, she fought with her hubby for two weeks over some ladies panties that weren’t his!”
” What?, Whose were they?” Esther asked
” A friend’s, she left it there” Kendra said.
” And she fought with him for 2 weeks?”Joselyne asked raising up two fingers up.
” Hey am right here, yes I found them in the laundry and I reacted, what did you expect me to do, plus he was acting all quiet and mysterious, to now I really don’t know which friend left it” Laureen pointed out.
” Oh you know you have that man wrapped up around your fingers, he ain’t cheating on you”, Kendra told her friend
” I don’t have him wrapped, we just love each other”
” You have him wrapped and you know it” Esther replied immediately, He was probably holding it for a friend, who is a player and didn’t want to be caught”
” What friend?” Joselyne asked
” Yeah what are you talking about?” Laureen asked
” Who between all Josh friends, seems like a player?”
” You better not think of bringing Michael into this!” Kendra demanded
” I didn’t even mention him, but think of it, if Josh isn’t cheating and Laureen can’t remember any of her friends leaving the panties behind, Josh might have been holding them for a friend!”
” And you think it’s Michael?”
” I didn’t say that”
” But that’s what you are insinuating”
Esther just shrugs her shoulders not saying a word
” Can you believe her guys, Kendra asked rhetorically, why are you so on Michael’s case, do you want me to break up with him?”
” No, noo, I want you to always look at both sides of a story, to avoid being lied to”
” Why would I do that, bore my mind with negativity? Do you go to ” your boo” ( this she said with air quotes)with thought of him lying to you?”
” Exactly, Michael is my boo so let it be, okay”
“Fine, am sorry”
“Thankyou, oh my god, you are so annoying”
” So annoying!”, Laureen and Joselyne agreed
” You love me though” esther snapped,they left out small laughs as they continued to eat.

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