Parte VII; Colleagues
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Parte VII; Colleagues

Josh called Andre through the extension
” This is Andre”
” Hey man, can you come to my office, we need to prepare the reports for the meeting”
” Sure, I will be there in a bit”
Andre goes through his reports one more time and clarifies they are in order, takes some files and heads to Josh office with his laptop
” What’s up man, can’t wait to be done with this meeting, I know the boss want to grill today”
” You better drink up some water, cause we ain’t leaving that boardroom with saliva”
Andre bursts in laughter, “I tell you man, but I looked over the reports and they are looking good”
” Yeah, we have made good profits, all the invoices and credit notes are in order, what about the accounts we opened last month?”
” Those are still in processing”
” Oh, that’s okay”, so both of them went on verifying all their reports, they went into the meeting with confidence, found their boss already at the board room. Their boss wasn’t the kind of bosses who made people wait and make an entrance, he went with the clock.
” Hey boys, hoping you have good news for me, am I making good money?”
” Yes sir, you know we don’t disappoint” Andre comments.
” Okay boss, let’s get to it, we have prepared a very clear and direct report that you will appreciate”
” Alright”.
The meeting was good, the presentation successfully, luckily they were served with water so they left with saliva in their mouths.
” We did well to start with the profits made, boss was thrilled the whole meeting”
” Yeah man, it was a good strategy, plus the boss trusts us so there is that”
“Yeah, I will forward the input to all the heads of departments”
” Yes, they need to formulate a work plan and forward it back”
” Cool, hey man, how did it go with your wife, did you solve your fight?”
” Yeah, it was a little misunderstanding, it’s all good now”
” That’s cool, okay let me go send them emails, catch you at lunch”
” Cool”.
Later that day Josh and Andre went for a bite
“So how is your girl, still dancing?”Josh asked his colleague
” We broke up man, a month ago”
” Really, why you seemed good together”
” Yeah, but she said I was holding her back when I asked her to consider not going to USA to dance”
” Why would you ask her that?”
” I don’t know I felt I was going to lose her and I did, we had to part ways you know, so she can chase her dreams”
” So now she is dancing in USA?”
” Yeah, she got a major deal, she is happy there, the one that got away”
” Life man”.

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