Parte VI; Where Was Michael
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Parte VI; Where Was Michael

Laureen calls Kendra, ” hey, are you ready?”
” Hey, let’s meet at work”
“Are we not going to the police?”
“No girl, Iets talk at work”
“What’s going on?, Did he come back?”
” Yes girl, let’s talk at work”
” Okay, see you in a bit” what the hell is going on, Laureen thought, this is so dramatic.
Laureen and Kendra both head to work, and arrived almost immediately.
” Hey” they say simultaneously with hugs.
” What happened, Michael okay?”
” Michael walked in the house last night, said was in a meeting.
” What?!,”
” Yes, he just walked in and said he flew out for an urgent meeting”
“Why didn’t he tell you when he was leaving?”
“I asked him, said was an abrupt meeting that the main investors asked them to fly immediately.”
” Still should have shot you a text”
“See that’s what I told him”
“Do you think he is lying?”
“No, why? Should I?”
” I mean, that’s how many women are cheated on?”
” No, I haven’t thought of that, why would you say that, do you think he was cheating me?”
” No! No! Am just saying, you know that that’s a common lie”
” it’s Michael, he loves me that thought hasn’t crossed my mind, you know Michael Laureen, he is your friend, come on”
” Yeah, you are right, am sorry, was just looking out for you”
” Thanks but we are okay”
” That’s good, he gave us such a scare,
” Right? That’s crazy!”
” Did you atleast call him out on his bullshit of not calling you?”
” Yes, he said it won’t happen again”
” Mmh”
“What, It won’t, I believe him”
” You trust him too much”
” Yes, just like you trust Josh right”
” I don’t trust Josh a hundred percent, you have to always leave a part for you so you can have good judgement”
” Well, I choose to trust him, that’s what love is”
” Okay girl, he is your man, you know him best. Can I ask you ask you a question though?”
” Why do you trust him so much?, I mean he could be lying to you but you don’t want to find out”
” Michael saved me,”
” Mmh, how? Saved you from what?”
” From myself, I was depressed, I was struggling and I was so alone, I didn’t have someone who loved me in such a long time, that I was drowning in sadness, untill I met Michael, and he saw me and he loved me the way I needed and deserved, that’s why I trust him”.
” Oh, that’s uh, then you have the right to believe him, I can’t believe I didn’t know you were depressed, am such a bad friend” Laureen said almost to tears.
” No, no, I hid it so well, no one could tell, but Michael saw it and made me happy again”
” Am glad he did, and always trust me with anything Kendra, am your friend, I will be there for you just as I hope you will be there for me when I need you”
” Always, you can count on me too” they hugged.

Michael POV
Josh had called Michael for drinks after work, they were having their beers talking.
” Where the hell were you dude?”
” A meeting”
” What meeting?”
“With the main investors, they called us and flew us there for a meeting”
“You were unreachable dude, the women were freaking out, they were going to the police in the morning”
” I know man”
” Are you cheating on her?”
” No dude,”
” Michael I know you very well, were you out there back on your old ways”
” No I changed I told you this”
” Really, cause not too long ago, you were bragging how you were loved by the ladies showing up with their some panties which by the way my wife found and was mad at me, thinking I had them.”
” What? How did it end up on your clothes?
” You know damn well you put them there”
Michael bursting into laughter ” oh yeah I remember it now, I wanted to mess with you”
” It’s not funny dude, almost lost my wife”
” Naaah! You and Laureen are fine”
“Yes, because I don’t cheat on her, and you, were you cheating on Kendra?”
” I’m telling you man, Am telling the truth about the meeting, our bosses called for an urgent meeting. I was there man, went for some drinks after the meeting with some colleagues, next a sexy lady just walked by me, looked at me I asked we dance together, and things got physical”.
“Really dude, I thought you were serious about Kendra?”
“I was, am a man, she seduced me”
” So you are going to sleep with everyone who seduces you?”
” No dude, am just saying”
” What did you tell her?”
” That I went to a meeting abruptly and couldn’t get time to call”
” That’s fucked up bro, are you going to tell her the truth?”
” No I can’t tell her that, and dude you can’t tell your wife, you know they always talk”
” This is on you, I won’t be in the middle of this”
” I hope you know what you are doing man”
“It’s alright”

  • Maggie kui
    Posted at 18:39h, 30 June Reply

    Now I know, the dude is fine but i feel for Kendra

    • florence
      Posted at 09:26h, 04 August Reply

      i know right, player

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