Love Oneself
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Love Oneself

As you all know, life is always ups and downs, highs and lows, and some better moments of our lives we are attacked by negativity and cruelty of the world, not the world per say but merely by the people around us.

I myself try to be positive as much as I can, I know that we are what we think and if I think of happy experiences, good intentions, happy ideas, hopeful dreams, I can fulfill my life with happiness. I try to treat people right, never my intention to cause anguish, I listen when a friend talks to me, sometimes that’s all you can do, and am genuine with my compliments. I never give myself the pressure of expecting the same from my peers because I know it’s in the human nature to disappoint, am not saying that am surrounded by awful people, I have very beautiful souls my life, I just don’t expect good vibes from people, so that when they do show me their good sides it’s a thrilling experience.

Sometimes though, you find yourself pushed too much towards the corner, and there is only too much you can take before they reach your limits, so it’s not possible to always be positive. What hurts is when you give your all, your mind, your being, your body to a cause, and your work is not appreciated, its am going through as we speak. 100% is what am giving, I learn , I do, am not sure, I consult, I know, I teach, I feel it, I engage, am challenged, I take it on. I have been walking the corridors head high knowing though learning, am doing my best work. But then, there is my view, and there is my heads’ view, and their view has actually broken my heart. When your work is demeaned, you can sit and wonder, why then am I doing it? Why stand next and walk beside the individuals responsible for you feeling non-appreciated? I will tell you the answer to these questions so listen carefully.

People around you are created to lift you up, or to pull you down, then there is you the decision maker, of who you are going to listen to. The decision is way too easy when you love yourself, when you believe in your character, in your personality, in what you have learnt, in the actions that you do. Trust me, if you truly think and believe you are the real deal, negative people words will just be passing by you. Don’t get me wrong, the words will sting, they will bring you down, and they might make you feel like you want to doubt yourself, but it won’t be for long, the bounce back from these feelings is what is unreal! Your inner strength pushes through, and you are not fazed by any of it, you learn not to dwell in the negative. It’s a gift that God gave us, the gift of loving oneself, of believing in oneself.

Am not just blabbering, when I go through something, I like to think about what I feel about it, and write it down, it helps me work through it. It reminds me of who I am, a girl trying to live in this hostile world as positively as she can be. There might be a selfish intention behind this article, that is to heal my wounded soul, but I still hope am talking to another. Their unexpected reviews may have hurt me, but they will direct me to work better and improve. That is the beauty of how negative people affect us, they point out our weaknesses and give us a chance to work on them weaknesses and make them strengths.

You can’t do it alone though, those lucky enough have lovers who hold them, listen to their troubles and comfort them in their pillow talks, the beauty of love. The most beautiful love however is the one with God, He guides through the process of knowing oneself, believing and ultimately loving oneself, and henceforth, you can never go wrong.


  • Kelvin muema
    Posted at 09:40h, 21 June Reply

    Dear writter,
    Your story has reminded me of how i had to be strong and strong i mean both in physical and emotionally the past year.Being an EMT (paramedic) i was hands on,on tasks that were assigned to me and i even did extra,as,some people like me,i love my work and if anything is worth doing it’s worth doing it well.Little did i know that the person meant to oversee my work and growth was all guns out against what in my head i was thinking i was doing a good job and executing task.
    My Supervisor,demeaned,insulted and gaslighted both my work and me as a person even to an extent of telling other staff not to talk or associate with me,that i should be left alone.
    Crew office was constantly moved to rooms with no electricity and ventilation all these aimed to make me as uncomfortable as possible so i could quit.
    When all these things were happening,one thing stayed constant within me…that is..i truly love my self and i put my ass self forward.
    See growing up in ghetto for me was a plus as you had to love your life and self very selfishly in order to survive…i used that as a mechanism to block the bad energy..blocked ears from hearing the negatives and dived into my abilities.
    I haven’t truly healed that wounded part of me well but i hope one day i will… because my greatest mistake was i thought they cared.
    For us artist… it’s never an easy journey.keep the fire burning

    • florence
      Posted at 10:48h, 21 June Reply

      It’s never easy, here I am thinking that wow am doing a good job, then to hear differently is really discouraging. Trusting and believing in myself is what really helps me. Thankyou for sharing your story, it is really well written

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