Parte IV; Girls At Work
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Parte IV; Girls At Work

Kendra was pitching an outfit to one of her clients, the client was impressed, and placed an order for it to be made for her.
” Wow I love the dress Kendra, you guys really know your clients”
“Yeah we do”
” Yes darling that’s what we do best” Laureen joined them
” Laureen, this dress is everything, thanks for recommending it, I believe my husband will pay all the dowry that is required when he sees me in this”
“Yees girl, exactly” high fives were passed around.
” Okay thank you ladies, as always you have come through, call me when it’s ready”
” ok we sure will, bye..Kendra then turned back to her friend, something is wrong with Michael, I have called him since last night and he hasn’t returned any of my calls”
” What?”
” Yes, am starting to get worried, it’s not like him to not call me, even when he goes away on business, he always calls me”
“Maybe he is just busy with work, try and call him later”
“Do you think I should report it, as a missing person?”
” What, no, I don’t think he is missing per say, besides he has to be missing for 24 hours before you report it, so calm down, I will ask Josh if he has heard from him”
” Okay do that, I don’t like this at all, it’s getting on my nerves”
” Am just gonna call Josh right away, Kendra hovered over her as she dialed her phone, come on some space please”
“Oh sorry”
” Hey babe, am okay love, no just working, listen love, have you heard from Michael? No it’s just that Kendra haven’t heard from him since last night and she is worried, okay babe thanks, call me immediately you hear from him, ok bye.”
“What Did he say?”
” He hasn’t heard from him, but he is trying to reach him then he is going to call”
” I hope my baby is safe”
” He is don’t worry, am sure he will call you soon”
” Ok let’s go back to work so I can stop thinking about this”
” Yes let’s, the outfits don’t make themselves “.

Later that evening, Laureen and Josh were chilling after work..
” Babe did you get Michael?”
“No, he didn’t pick my calls, I think he went on a business trip”
” Without telling Kendra? Am gonna check on her maybe she found him”
Their phone conversation
” Hey love, did you get Michael?”
” No, she said sobbing, he hasn’t answered, something bad happened to him Laureen”
” Am sure he is okay, hang in tonight, we will go to the police first thing in the morning.”
” Okay, am losing my mind, what if something bad really did happen?” Kendra was really worried, it’s not like Michael to not call her for all those hours
” You can’t think of that, relax, Michael is fine, if something bad had happened, we would have known already”
” Yeah, you are right, please let’s meet early morning and go to the police”
” I got you girl, now calm down and get some sleep” Laureen encourage her friend
” Okay thanks dear” she knew her friend was right and she needed to sleep but she couldn’t leave the sofa.

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