Parte III; Forgiveness
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Parte III; Forgiveness

At the restaurant
Josh was scrolling his phone waiting for his wife, then he spotted her, how can someone so beautiful be so angry, that shouldn’t be allowed, he thought
” Hey babe” he rose to hug her, she let go quickly and sat down
” Josh, are you cheating on me?” She wanted answers head on, she wasn’t going to allow him to avoid it anymore
” Calm down woman, atleast order something to eat first”
” I told you I don’t have an appetite, I need answers”
Josh called the waiter and ordered food for them, Laureen asked for a glass of red wine.
” Baby you love me too much, that the thought of me cheating on you, is driving you crazy ” Josh decided to tease his wife to lighten the mood, she was too mad to see clearly.
“What?, No”
” Yes, you love me, you love me lots”
” Am mad at how you are making a fool of me if you are cheating on me”
” Just be honest, say you love so much, you can’t live without me hehe, you crazy about me”
By now Laureen smile was from ear to ear “Josh stop playing, tell me the truth”
Josh took her hands ” listen love, I didn’t cheat on on you, I havent and will never, i don’t think I can handle another woman, you are already too much”
” Oh so you’ve got jokes, are you lying to me now?”
“Laureen, trust me, I was shocked when you came to me with those questions, I wouldn’t cheat on you, I love you”
” Then whose panties were those mixed with your clothes?”
Josh gulped all the saliva in his mouth, some things are better left unsaid, took his wife’s hands to his lips and kissed them ” I don’t know love I honestly think some of our friends left it in our house”
” Are you really sure babe? You ain’t lying to me right?
” Trust me love, I only have eyes for you” this woman is crazy he thought, but he loves her
” Mmmh you better be”
Their food was presented to them
” Hmm Sure looks yummy”
” Smells delicious too”
” Baby give me a kiss, I miss you”
“Mwaaah” both of them felt relief, happy it was clear that they loved each other and trust one another, Laureen felt she could trust her husband was telling the truth.

  • Rhoda
    Posted at 10:11h, 13 June Reply

    Good stuff.

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