Girls; Lexie, Nicole, Briellle
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Girls; Lexie, Nicole, Briellle


I adore babies and babies love me. Ever since I was little I always babysat little kids of my aunties and neighbours..  I love just holding them and making them smile, all babies smile at me. Yesterday I was holding my friends baby Paula  and she was talking to me, they cant talk I know but she was connecting to me, her sister yvanka thinks we are agemates hehe!  Right now am surrounded by hormones literally,  my siz, and three other friends are pregnant, my sister in law also called and  told me she was expecting. It’s a very beautiful journey watching them with the excitement of becoming mother’s, seeing their dreams come true with such blessings. No conversation ends without three to four talks of babies. Am excited to meet the little princesses. Yes we are expecting all girls


 18/3/21,the first girl was born, Lexie; dark of skin, beautiful, very calm baby once she is fed and is warm and cosy, she goes to her dreams, amazingly she is my name sake, to my mother tongue name


. The second girl was born, Nicole; haven’t met her yet, she looks adorable in her pictures, can’t wait to meet her.

Brielle! after her mother held her in birth, I held her second, and I was conquered by love for her, she was the cutest baby. As I hold my princess in my arms, am singing to her cause I know she likes music..the first time I sang to her she looked up to me, direct in my eyes and she smiled and lucky for me I captured it on my camera . She is beautiful beyond words,  light of skin, pink as she can be, with a head full of dark smooth hair, she is also a tall girl, always smiling, once she is fed, she sleeps that’s how they grow. am excited to see how our journey will be, even with the other girls. God is surely faithful



Brielle is a day to her birthday, tomorrow she will be a One year old girl; what a milestone! She has grown up to be my bestie, I love her and she loves me and am so proud. She is a happy baby so full of smiles and cute laughs, every time am with her am happy cause she is gonna make me laugh. It warms my heart when she calls me ‘tee’, and blubbers things trying to talk to me, and when she cries as I leave her side, putting her hands up so I can pick her up, it’s a beautiful feeling. 

She loves to play, if you play with her, you two will get along, she is never still, we hold her hands and help her walk around which makes her give little laughs of happiness.  Every moment she is active with her toys or busy making you entertain her. She literally forces you to clap hands, but because I adore her I love clapping hands with her and singing with her. She loves to dance, and music, when she hears music she starts moving her body and shaking her head, it’s endearing watching her. Her favorite song right now is ‘if you are happy and you know’, yeah she claps her hands and dance with excitement every time she hears it. I made a tiktok with her with that song, being the happy baby as usual, she nailed the performance, clapping hands smiling wildly, with her little legs moving in excitement, the video has over two thousand views, it’s a hit in my tiktok. I think we Will make magic together.

Brie $ auntie Flo

Life is not as smooth as we would have wanted, we might not be able to celebrate her birthday as big of a gem as she is, but our hearts are full of love for her and we will do right by her.

Brie is going to be a strong, brave, intelligent, happy and most loving girl in the world, I can tell. She loves people and I can already see that her heart is pure. As her aunt, I pray for the privilege to watch her grow and be there for her when she needs me. I want to create many more tiktoks together 


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