Fire Escape
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Fire Escape

Has something ever happened to you and it makes all your hairs stand on end? a while back i got a call that froze my insides;



I was at the nursing station in very high spirits scrolling tiktok on my phone, my shift had just ended and my colleague was taking the other nurses round handing over the patients, I called my boda guy to come pick me up. We were chatting and laughing before leaving, that’s when I received a call,   I thought my boda guy had arrived,  but checking it’s Elyud, he rarely call me, so I was very eager to pick it up. As soon as I said hello, he asked “where are you”, Niko job” I answered, ” uko wapi na nyumba yenyu inachomeka”! What, my house was on fire?, Is it the whole building? Has it reached my floor? those were the questions I blurted out but I don’t know if I heard the answers cause I was in shock. I told my friends and they were like, you need to rush home don’t even change go with your uniform!!. I went quickly changed within seconds. Luckily my boda guy was already waiting for me downstairs and I told him to step on the gas my house was burning.

The whole ten minutes to my place, I was in panic mode, just wondering if the fire was still going on, which floor was it in, if it’s the floors below me how is the building going to hold or will it just fall apart, what if all my stuff is burnt down, where will I start now??! As soon as we stepped to the building, neighbors were still scattered at the compound in discussions but the building seemed intact, clearly the fire was out..

I went immediately to the caretaker and asked what had happened….Children, it is said that they are the future, but sometimes they challenge the future. Apparently some bed wetting kids were playing with matching sticks near the mattress that their mother had put at the balcony for the sun to hit it so they can sleep warmly at night. The mattress caught fire and  spread to the clothes that were on the hanging lines, that’s when the neighbors screamed and wailed. Our caretakers were very fast to put out the fire before it even spread to the house, the balcony was completely destroyed, but God showed His greatness that the fire didn’t cross the balcony door. Me and some  women of the building went to comfort the mother of the children with hugs and prayers.. we thanked God that he intervened, none of the kids were hurt, no major damage  except for the few clothes and the mattress. God really showed His might and his love for a of us.


  • Kelvin muema
    Posted at 06:15h, 15 April Reply

    Thrills …yah step on the gas.

  • florence
    Posted at 13:49h, 15 April Reply

    Yes! Thankyou for reading

  • Amy
    Posted at 16:24h, 15 April Reply

    Thanks be to God no one was hurt

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